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The Austin business law firm provides professional business legal services to Austin businesses and to businesses throughout the state of Texas. As an Austin business law firm with a focus on both Austin business deals and Austin business litigation, we have an extensive history both making deals happen in Austin as well as dealing with complex Austin business litigation.

We are Austin Business Lawyers representing manufacturers, licensed professionals such as physicians, physicians assistants, and nurses, bars, restaurants, hotels, real estate investment trusts, real estate investors, towing, wrecker, and VSF companies, and many other Austin businesses.

As Austin Business Lawyers, we have extensive experience in the Austin Business Law market from both a transactional and litigation perspective. Let us show you what our team of experienced Austin Business Lawyers can do to help you and your business!

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We are Austin Business Lawyers focused on the success of your business

Austin Business Lawyers focused on obtaining predictable, measurable results for each client. At The Walters Firm, we work days, nights, and weekends to protect our clients. We are the Austin business law firm that loves to take on complex business transactions and complex business litigation.

  • “Highly recommended!”

    Greg, Commercial Dispute

    David is very kind and easy to talk to. He is highly intelligent, hard working and passionate about his client's needs.

  • “So thankful!”

    Teche, Lawsuit Defense

    I was surprised with a legal matter which I was completely uneducated about. Mr Walters and his staff took on my case and using his knowledge of the law fiercely battled my case while keeping me informed and at ease. Thank you Mr Walters for never giving up and seeing my case all the way through to the win.

  • “Excellent counsel!”

    James, Contract Dispute

    Mr. Walters was a dedicated attorney in my time of need. He was always punctual, and has a knack for detail. Not only was he extremely professional, he was knowledgeable in the sense that he had a multitude of options that we discussed and that he recommended as for the best methods for carrying out my case. I would gladly recommend Mr. Walters as Counsel, and would hire him again in an instant.

  • “Outstanding and exceptional lawyer. I would recommend him highly!”

    Alex, Contract Dispute

    I hired Mr. Walters to handle a case dealing with an apartment complex that failed to provide services regarding an issue with hot water. The case went to trial. I have dealt with and hired many lawyers over my years. Personally, I have never experienced a lawyer who is so diligent in their works. Mr. Walters did much case law research and was extremely prepared for trial. During trial he brought forth excellent argument and handled himself in a professional manner. Mr. Walters, I applaud you for your efforts in my case. You did a fantastic job and thank you.