$4,500 in Sanctions against Debt Collection Firm

Debt Collectors Sometimes Need a Reminder of how Not to Act. 

In this case, The Walters Firm was fighting Cedar Park Regional Medical Center regarding an alleged debt. Cedar Park Regional Medical Center employed the DeLoney Law Firm to prosecute the lawsuit.

After nearly two years of sitting on this case, the Court determined that Cedar Park had failed to diligently prosecute its claims and dismissed its lawsuit against our client. Not satisfied with having their case dismissed for lack of diligence, Cedar Park Regional Medical Center and the DeLoney Law Firm filed another lawsuit seeking thousands of dollars in damages from our client.  Following another year and some change of litigation, the lawyers at The Walters Firm were able to not only have the lawsuit against our client dismissed, but we also obtained an order from the Court that the DeLoney Law Firm pay $4,500 in sanctions for failing to follow the rules of civil procedure.

DeLoney Law Firm Sanctioned 1

Not surprisingly, the Court found that the sanctions imposed were necessary given the conduct exhibited by Cedar Park Regional Medical Center in this dispute.

DeLoney Law Firm Sanctioned 2

Ironically, the DeLoney Law Firm never paid this debt in direct violation of the Court’s order and instead chose to appeal the judgment. A copy of the order is below for your reading pleasure.  Chalk one up for the good guys.

Order Granting Sanctions against Debt Collection Law Firm