Category: Texas State Board of Dental Examiners

Attorney’s Fee Awards in Defense of Frivolous Regulatory Action

Beginning September 1, 2019 the Texas Administrative Procedure Act will allow licensees to recover attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in defending against frivolous regulatory actions. This new section, codified as Tex. Gov. Code § 2001.903 is below: “Sec. 2001.903. RECOVERY OF ATTORNEY’S FEES AND COSTS IN CONTESTED CASES INVOLVING FRIVOLOUS REGULATORY ACTION. The administrative law […]

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Anatomy of a Texas Professional Association (Part I) – Governance and Ownership

Texas professional associations are unique among Texas business entities.  Their ownership is restricted, their governance is based on Texas corporate law but they are not “corporations,” and while they may issue shares of stock, the people who hold those shares are called “members” rather than “shareholders.”  In summary, they can be confusing.  Professional associations can […]

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